RAW Classic Cones 1.25 Back In Stock!

RAW Classic Cones

RAW Classic Cones 1.25 – 6 Count are manufactured minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea in Alcoy, Spain. RAW Classic 1.25 cones are indeed one of the best-selling rolling papers, worldwide! So if you’re smoking spliffs, then this is the brand you want to twist with!

Thats right; RAW Classic 1.25 Cones aren’t your typical rolling paper! In fact, you don’t even have to roll, just simply pack your RAW Cone and light’er up! On top of that, these back boys are made with 100% all-natural forest plant fibers! In other words, no GMO, no Gluten, and no bleach, meaning RAW Cones are eco-friendly & vegan approved. So if you’re looking for a clean, slow-burning paper, then don’t pass by without securing a RAW Classic Cones today!

Get’em before they’re gone!