BluntPower Air Freshener — Rose

Close your eyes and step into your secret garden every time you spray this air fresheners timeless fusion of fragrant Memorial Day roses, and delicate violet petals embraced by the softest nuance of Clorinda geraniums. Now you don’t have to imagine your leisurely barefoot walk through the gardens because you’ll get a discount on your 1st order when you sign up for our mailing list.

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After 20+ years in business and over 10 million bottles sold it’s clear BluntPower is the people’s choice!

With It You Can:

  • Eliminate the embarrassing odor of smoke (or anything else) .
  • Wrap yourself in a signature aroma every guest will remember
  • Set the perfect mood for romantic 1-on-1 visits
  • Create a relaxing environment for yourself to unwind
  • …And never get caught stinkin again!

Yes, we mean that literally. We’ve spared no expense, our BluntPower fragrances have been crafted by world class perfumers. These same heavy hitters have worked with internationally known Pop & RnB singers, rappers and national clothing detergent brands.

Which means you get premium quality WITHOUT paying premium prices.


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