Goo’d Extracts THC-A Snow Cones 3-Pack Strawberry Cough

  • THC-A Diamond Dusted and Infused
  • The Best Smoking Experience
  • Delicious Terpene Profile’s
  • Potent Formulation
  • 3 Pre-Rolls Per Pack
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Experience smoking on a new level with these Goo’d Extracts Snow Cone Pre-Rolls. Goo’d has taken the industry to the next level by infusing the inside and dusting the outside of these pre-rolls with potent and tasty THC-A diamonds. Each pre-roll features 1 gram of flower mixed with diamonds and each pack contains 3 pre rolls for a total of 3 grams. These unique pre-rolls are currently available in 3 delicious strains. Rest assured that these pre-rolls are made from USA grown hemp and are 2018 Farm Bill Compliant.


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