Kush Wraps — Clementine Terpenes Infused — 2 Per Pack / 12ct Box

Terpenes Infused Kush wraps merge the best of both worlds with a non tobacco solution to your herbal wrap needs that packs a punch of flavour. Kush Wraps has combined their premium hemp wrap experience with a terpene infusion to provide a boosted flavour and aroma. The Clementine profile delivers a citrusy terpene mix that is perfect for the balance. Kush terpenes infused hemp wraps are sold in displays of 12 packs and feature 2 terpene infused hemp wraps per pack.

Kush Terpenes Wrap Features:

  • Flavor: Clementine (Citrus)
  • 100% Tobacco-Free
  • 100% Nicotine Free
  • Super Seal: Glue Free Design
  • 2 Large Wraps per Pouch
  • Display of 12 Pouches
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Weight 1.0000 oz


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