Ozium Air Sanitizer – Original .8oz

OZIUM works anywhere to sanitize the air and clean up the smells that come with living life to its fullest, so you can remember the fun, not the funk. OZIUM spray doesn’t just mask odors, it obliterates them by attacking the bacteria that cause odor. With convenient sizes and a variety of scents, OZIUM has a solution to clean the air and eliminate odors anywhere you go.
  • AIR SANITIZER: OZIUM sanitizes and Cleans the Air You Breath, temporarily reducing airborne bacteria and fighting its spread
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: OZIUM doesn’t just mask odors, it obliterates them by attacking and reducing odor-causing bacteria
  • Eliminates Stubborn odors everywhere they exist – smelly kitchens, stinky bathrooms, sweaty shoes, funky cars and more
  • Just a short spray cleans the air with a light burst of fragrance that disappears with the odor; no overwhelming or lingering scent
  • Trusted for over 50 years, Ozium was originally developed for use in hospitals and is clinically proven to sanitize and freshen the air
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