Puretane 420ml Butane 12ct Case

It is best to order butane in master cases due to the haz mat fees incurred.
This butane has 6 displays of 12 per master case.

What is N-Butane???
Let’s face it.. Not many of us are chemists but I can tell you the N-Butane is way better for your extractions. The industry standard has been ISO-Butane used for filling lighters. Lighters are mechanical things and they require lubricants… Who wants lubricates mixing in with their extractions? Not me! We always recommend Puritane for the cleanest extractions possible without nasty lubricants in the mix…
99.999% Pure
The cleanest butane available, it’s also processed and refined in the U.S.A for the absolute cleanest extractions ever!

  • Triple Refined N-Butane
  • 9X Filtered
  • Near Zero impurities!
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Weight 1.0000 oz


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