Spectrum Labs – Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine 3oz

Quick Fix is the original and best premixed synthetic urine available. Our patented formula is a laboratory created version of human urine. Specific gravity, uric acid, PH, and creatinine are all at the right levels. It makes for the perfect control urine sample to calibrate drug testing equipment or for other scientific uses.

This 3oz version of our synthetic urine kit includes everything you need and can be ready to go in minutes.

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Sometimes your customer just needs a little more! Finally, Spectrum Labs has solved that problem as well. Quick Fix Plus is a little more than 3 ounces. 
Yeah, that’s right. YA NEED SOME!

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a laboratory grade synthetic urine that is used to calibrate urine testing machines.

This synthetic urine contains all of the ingredients found in natural human urine and is balenced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine. Infact, every batch of Quick Fix is tested before it leaves the lab! This ensures that you get the best sample possible!

Quickfix is unisex, meaning it will work for both male and female.

Unlike dehydrated or powdered urine the QuickFix is pre-mixed, making it easy to use in any last minute situation. Quick Fix takes only about 15 seconds to prepare!

Spectrum Labs based in Cincinnati, OH has been the leader in Detox Products since 1992, with the only patented formulas of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Urine Luck Additive. Each product is public and private lab tested to ensure high quality capabilities against state of the art testing, to help you pass any pre-employment nicotine test. All of our products have a 2/1/2 year life span from the manufacture date, when a product is updated the information is available on our website. Random and pre-employment testing affects all individuals therefore we continuously work to provide Privacy Protection of all individuals.

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